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How to file fire insurance damage claims on an easy and systematic way

Fire insurance claims that we don’t know how to start but a must need to do if the situation worsens. There are a lot of reasons why our house is very susceptible to fire damage. For instance, if a person who cooks for us, forgot to remove the pot lid holder near the stove. It can lead to a bigger fire and we can’t stop that from happening because that is an accident. As well as, thrown lit cigarette butts, lightning strikes, faulty electrical wiring, and faulty electrical equipment. That we are too busy to notice, flammable liquids, unattended stoves, unattended matchstick, that your kids may feel curious about, and play with it. This can all lead to a massive fire that can burn your house down into ashes.

 Here’s the list of what you need to do to file a fire insurance claim.

Record the damage in a detailed list 

The most important thing to do after the fire service department left your vicinity, is to document all the damages. Take pictures and videos of the damages all throughout your home. And make a list of your things, that are damages are due to fire or smoke. Significantly, you report however much the damage is, so you can confirm it to your insurance agent. The more verification you have of the damage, the simpler it will be for your case to get acknowledged by your insurer. On the off chance that your house is perilous or still unsafe after the fire. Record as many as you can without risking your life into danger.

Safeguard your undamaged belongings from further damage

Prolonged exposures in smoke or minimal fire could increase the chances of more severe damages. The fire could spread very quickly throughout the entire vicinity, so even the fire has been stopped by the fire service department. It doesn’t end there. Even the small material that has been lit by the fire could still be a cause of a big fire. As well as the smoke that is coming from the materials that have been burned could still cause a big problem. So it is important to get the things that can still be usable before the fire destroy it further. But do not risk your life into danger.

Compute for living expenses

Fire usually leaves homes unfit to live in, forcing the homeowners to stay at a hotel or relatives until the restoration is complete. If you are in need to leave your house because it’s not advisable to live in temporarily. The insurer will provide for your living expenses or insurance, in other terms the loss of use. It will pay for your hotel expenses, toiletries, and food. You can ask your insurer for the advance payment or either list the prices and the things you provide for yourself. Take note that the insurer will only cover the basic necessities, it will only cover your food, hotel, clothes, and toiletries.

File the fire insurance claims

After you had recorded all the damages in a detailed list. Safeguard your undamaged belongings from further damages, and compute for your living expenses and found a house as your temporary shelter. You can now file a claim to your insurer. Consider calling your insurer then they will file a report to their company, and they will give you full information on what you’re going to do next. The insurer will conduct a survey to get the whole information for the processing of the cost to restore your damaged property.

Call a restoration professional for an estimate

Restoration professionals are the most reliable individuals in this line of industry. They are the ones to be called in case there are damages in your home and need estimation and restoration. These professionals have plenty of experience dealing with fire damaged homes that your insurer may neglect to look into. Now that your insurance company has filed your fire insurance claims. You can now call a restoration professional to start the restoration of your place. Which comes from the agreed estimate between the restoration professional and your insurer.

Reminder: most insurance companies is the one that will provide and call a restoration professional for you.

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What is covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy

There are sets of limits that can be covered under the homeowners insurance policy coverage. Home insurance policy is a must need insurance. It covers medical payments, covers repair or replacement of the damages to dwelling due to named perils, can reimburse in an actual cash value basis or replacement cost basis to your belongings damages, liability coverage and additional living expenses.

Homeowners Insurance Policy Coverage

Dwelling Coverage

This covers the damaged dwelling of your home. Including, the shed and any attached and unattached structures (but inside your real premises) to your home. The insurer will provide for the repair and replacement to the insured’s home, only if the damage was due to acceptable named-perils. Including fire, windstorm/hail, sprinkler leakage, vandalism, volcanic eruptions, etc. This coverage has a basis. and that is on what kind of home you have and what limit of the policy the insured purchase.

You must purchase insurance coverage that is equal to at least 80% of your home’s replacement cost, for the insurer to cover all the cost of repair to your damaged home minus the deductible. The higher the limit the lesser the deductible. This means the higher the premium you purchased the lesser you will pay for the cost of the damages in your home.

Personal Property

It covers the damages to your personal property that is on your policy. This will cover if the loss is due to theft and named perils only. This coverage can reimburse you by replacement cost value minus depreciation or actual cash value basis. Every policy has certain limits to cover the said property. So if possible get higher coverage and limits to better protect all your personal belongings.

Liability Coverage

This coverage provides legal assistance if the person you or your family caused harm into, file a lawsuit against you. And in some instances, if your pet is liable for someone’s injury. Therefore, you are liable to compensate that person. The insurer will pay for the cost of the medical payment, and legal assistance depends on the limit of the policy the insured purchased. For further damage assistance, you must consider purchasing an additional Personal Umbrella policy, this will cover all the losses that are beyond the set limit of homeowner’s policy liability coverage. Furthermore, it only costs 300 dollars a year extra in your premium.

Medical Payments Coverage

Covers the cost of the treatment for the injury of the person, regardless of who is at fault. And this can also prevent the person from filing a lawsuit against the homeowner.

Additional Living Expenses

The insurer will provide living expenses if the insured house your living at gets damages by acceptable named perils only. And provided that the authorities supervise you to lawfully leave the house to prevent any further damages and injury. The insurer will provide for your basic living needs and only provides for your clothing, toiletries, food, and hotel expenses. There is no limit on insurer providing for additional living expenses until the house of the insurance owner has been repaired.

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Fire insurance for your business for your company’s comprehensive protection

Fire insurance for business is a must need to purchase by business owners. Every now and then, businesses are very susceptible to fire damages. Because a lot of employees are using the facility. As well as, without giving proper attention to their surroundings, they tend to neglect safety precautions. According to the National Fire Protection Association. Every 24 seconds of the life of every fire department volunteers and employees around the United States, respond to a fire that causes infrastructure damages, and worse, injury and death of people. Here in Fire Insurance California, we can help you decrease the cost of any damages through our protection. Which comes from different companies around the United States. We are in deep sorry every time we hear and see news of houses and buildings burning down to ashes. Here we will help you find what is best for your needs.

Benefits of Fire Insurance for Business.

Commercial Property Coverage

This insurance will cover your commercial property. These include your company’s physical assets and anything that is inside and outside of it. Including buildings, machinery, exterior designs, and important documents. This will be cover if due to some named perils only, like damage due to fire, lightning, theft, and vandalism. Other perils like floods and earthquakes are usually excluded on all insurances but can be supplemental to your coverage. However, this kind of insurance has a higher premium and deductible rate. For an example of earthquake insurance, it takes for mostly or over 18% of the deductible rate, on every damage. But this insurance is very helpful because every damage to your home and building can cover by your insurance company.

How Does Commercial Property Insurance Works?

Commercial property insurance works and pays insurance owners through an actual cash value basis and replacement cost basis minus the depreciation. But most insurance pays the insurance owner through an actual cash value basis. By way of illustration, suppose that you currently have a 5-year-old building and the replacement cost of your building is $4,000,000 and it depreciated for $300,000. The actual cash value of your building is $3,700 000. The depreciation is determined by the value of the asset on time, and due to wear and tear or damage that is normally occurred due to aging. If the protection of your building is an actual cash value basis and your building collapse to the ground the insurer will only pay for 3.7 million dollars. And you will pay for the remaining 3 hundred thousand dollars for you to rebuild the building.

You might as well want to purchase

Business Owner’s Policy

This typically covers business owners against property damage, business interruption, and liability.

General Liability Insurance

This will help you with the cost of legal liabilities that file against your company. This includes lawyer fees, that will defend you against covered claims. Furthermore, against third party claims or anyone that is outside your company people. Expenses that will cost you to treat that third party person. As well as, for the medications of the customer that is put in danger because of your company’s product. To illustrate further, suppose that you are owning a company that produces soy into different parts of your city. And a batch of soy that you had been sent was expired, and you didn’t notice it. Also, some consumers experienced a stomach ache after consuming the expired soy and file a legal lawsuit after your company. And connected to that, it is your legal responsibility to pay for their medical bills. This can be cover under General Liability Insurance.

Worker’s Compensation

This will cover your worker’s injury inside the company. This insurance can also cover for the lost wages of your workers. Because by law you are reliable for whatever happens to your employee inside your company premises. And that means paying them their missed wages, while they are on their recovery period. And worse that no one would want to happen is the death of the employee. This insurance can also pay for the cost of funeral expenses. Also connected to that it will also cover you from legal responsibilities. If the family of your employee wants to file a legal case against you. Since this kind of insurance has a law that prevents your employee to file a lawsuit against you and your company.

Business Interruption Insurance

You can add this to your existing business property insurance coverage. This can help you with your lost profit if your building is unable to use it. And only if the damage is due to certain perils only. Considering, fire, explosion, lightning and other specific perils only. This covers the loss profit of your company or profits that you should have been earned after the disaster happens. The computation will be like this, the insurer will check your previous monthly financial statements. Before the said disaster happens.

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