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Car Insurance



Car insurance California for a way better protection. Every day, in every driver’s life, it comes with a massive obligation. Not just for themselves but also to every person that they come across on the street. However, even making sure of avoiding a potential danger in the road is not enough. Every year, there are at least 9 million vehicular accidents that took place in different probable locations in the United States. Other than that, the cases of fatality are remarkably high. that the survey says that every day, almost 90 people died due to car accidents.

Almost three million people procure an injury due to a car accident. Moreover, that 90 million accidents resulted in massive property damage of about 78% of the total accidents.


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The Car Insurance California is not just for every driver out there. This insurance can also cover your family or the people who are riding with you from financial assistance in the future. This insurance gives coverage for medical expenses, your legal liability to others and even property damage. Here we will give you the list of coverages your Car Insurance California can provide you.

1. Liability Coverage
Liability coverage protects you from legal responsibility to others for bodily injury and property damage. For example, a third party believes that you are the cause of the accident, then filed a lawsuit against you. Therefore, this coverage can protect you from this kind of risk. Moreover, liability coverage can deal with legal assistance including lawyer’s fees. Here are the two types of liability coverage:
A. Property Damage
Property damage coverage provides cost of repair to direct loss and damages to your car. Assuming that your car procures front bumper damages due to an accident with an Innova. This will cover the cost for the repair of the front bumper after you pay for your deductible rate.
B. Bodily Injury
Bodily injury coverage covers driver and passenger’s medical treatment, either your car or in another car. It covers bruises and really serious injuries to others. Bodily injury means you are responsible for the damage you cause to other people. Essentially, it refers to a person that has been hurt due to a vehicle accident.
2. Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive coverage provides the cost of repair for your car if the damages are due to accidents other than collision. These damages include vandalism, fire, floods, earthquakes and more. (damages due to earthquakes within 78 hours is in consideration of one claim only)
3. Collision Coverage
Provides reimbursement to the cost of repair to the insurance holder. If the damages of the car are due to colliding with another vehicle. Also colliding with an object and overturn of the vehicle.
4. Roadside Assistance
Roadside assistance coverage provides assistance and payment incurred from a vehicle breakdown. This coverage is just an add-on on your coverage and it is not mandatory. Unforeseen accidents happen anytime, vehicle breakdown is a hassle for a road trip or for a hectic schedule. But having roadside assistance coverage, it will make your life easier and get you back on the road faster.
5. Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Coverage
If you got yourselves into a car accident with someone who breaks the law by not carrying car liability insurance. Your own auto insurance policy will still cover you. And if the driver you got yourself in an accident with is carrying liability insurance but not enough. You will still get this coverage only if the liability insurance of the other driver exhausts.
6. Rental Reimbursement
Rental reimbursement is also known as transportation expense, it’s just additional coverage. This helps you pay for the expense of your substitute vehicle while you’re repairing or replacing your car. Since not all insurance companies have different rules for coverage, it’s important to talk to a professional. Contact us and talk to our professional agent to help you in choosing the right coverage for your car insurance.
7. Medical Payments/ PIP
Comprehensive coverage covers expenses of treating bodily injury due to car collision and sometimes until the extent of a funeral. This coverage provides protection not just for you but also for the passengers of your
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